Chiles AnchoPLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our whole ancho chiles (dried poblano peppers) are used to make amazing traditional enchiladas, or as a milder chile to flavor classic dishes like pasole.
Available in 8- and 16-ounce packages, as well as 25-pound boxes.

Chili CascabelPLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our chili cascabel is a blend of hot peppers and often used to make chili con carne and other dishes where a rich, hot, smoky flavor is desired.
Available in 4-ounce jars, and boxes of 5 and 50 pounds.

Crushed Red PepperPLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our crushed red pepper can be used to spice up any dish as you cook, or added at the table!
Available in 1-ounce packages.

Pure Pepper BlendPLB_Click2Order-Orange

Use our Pure Pepper Blend to make an amazing enchilada sauce. This blend offers a simpler, faster sauce compared to the classic recipe that utilizes whole chile ancho peppers, which we also sell.
Available in 8-ounce jars, and boxes of 5 and 50 pounds.



Chili PowderPLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our chili powder is rich and flavorful. It has been used by area chefs, restaurants and homes for over 50 years. Try some today, and discover why many think Pedro Lopez Brand chili powder is the best on the market!
Available in 1.5-ounce bags, 16-ounce canisters, and boxes of 5 and 50 pounds.

Menudo SeasoningPLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our menudo seasoning contains oregano, onion, crushed red pepper, and lemon zest — everything the menudo lover needs in one handy package to flavor this traditional Mexican soup!
Available in .75-ounce bags.

Taco SeasoningPLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our taco seasoning is more concentrated than others — requiring only a few tablespoons for a batch of tacos (versus other brands, which require an entire packet). One thing is for sure, our taco seasoning makes for some great tasting tacos!
Available in 1.5-ounce bags, 8-ounce jars, and boxes of 5 and 50 pounds.



Canela Sticks (Mexican Cinnamon)PLB_Click2Order-Orange

Canela, better known as Mexican cinnamon, is used in a variety of sweet an savory dishes. You can use it whole in soups and drinks, or it can be easily ground in a molcajete, other types of mortar and pestle, or even an electric coffee grinder!
Available in 3-ounce bags, and 5-pound boxes.

Ground Comino (Cumin)PLB_Click2Order-Orange

Comino is Mexican cumin, and ours is finely ground and perfect for all recipes.
Available in 1.5-ounce bags.

Mexican Cut OreganoPLB_Click2Order-Orange

As the name suggests, our Mexican cut oregano is carefully cut into smaller pieces instead of being crushed like other brands. By cutting the oregano, we preserve its complex flavor.
Available in .75-ounce bags.




Amazing mole doesn’t have to take hours! Our mole is a concentrated paste that is ready to be mixed with chicken broth and served over cooked chicken, Mexican rice or Fideo. Our incredible mole is perfect for special occasions and quick weeknight dinners alike!
Available in 8- and 16-ounce jars, and 8-pound tubs.

Taco SaucePLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our taco sauce can be used to top off tacos and burritos, or enjoyed with chips as a salsa. We offer both hot and mild varieties.
Available in single 16-ounce jars.




Our chorizo (mexican sausage) is cooked pork sausage spiced with our special spice blend. Chorizo is great served with eggs, or added to other meats for a terrific flavor. It is not greasy like other chorizos.
Available in 1-pound packages.

Corn HusksPLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our corn husks are essential to the classic tamale!
Available in 16-ounce bags, and 24-pound bales.


Our fideo is a nested bundle of thin pasta that has been par-cooked in oil. Fideo is used in numerous dishes and soups.
Available in 8- and 16-ounce bags.

Mexican ChocolatePLB_Click2Order-Orange

Our Mexican chocolate is the key ingredient to a classic mole or spicy hot chocolate, but you could also get wild with salted Mexican chocolate caramels or a chocolate-raspberry tamale!
Available in 7-ounce bars.

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